Living Up To It’s Name: The Best Smart Desk Lamp

The smart desk lamp has a smart lighting technology that is made for your convenience and feasibility. It has high-efficiency fixtures and automatic functions that make adjustments based on occupancy or daylight availability. 

smart desk lamp


Why do You Need a Smart Desk Lamp? 

It comes with an APP remote control that allows you to control your lighting mode, turn it on or off, and choose brightness level as per your requirement with the help of your smartphone, no matter where you are. With this smart table lamp for the smart desk for your home, you can easily share, schedule, and use timer functionality whenever you want; all you need to do is put your phone onto the wireless charging coil with a wireless charging function.

1. THOVAS Smart Desk Lamp

Smart Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger, Dimmable Office Desk Light, Led Table Lamp with Touch and APP Control, Eye Caring Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, Auto-Off Timer, Black

THOVAS Desk Lamp

This smart Thovas desk lamp has a unique design and durable material used in its manufacturing and has

advanced technology features rarely found in other lamps. It has the following additional features:

  • This Thovas desk lamp has an LED source lamp that does not need to be changed for a whole lifetime; it comes with guaranteed support.
  • It has wireless charging functionality that allows you to charge your phone or devices on the wooden base.
  • It has touch control functionality; you can easily change the colors of your lighting by dimming or brightening and make it on and off by pressing the wooden button; its wooden button has touch functionality that the signal can be passed easily by your finger other than those common desk lamp that has metal raised button.
  • You can easily control your smart desk lamp even if you are far away with its downloaded app on your smartphone. Its app has more functionalities like adjusting brightness and dimming, color switching, timer, scheduling, etc., all with the app.

2. MODIRNATION Bonsai ‘Tree of Light’ – LED Bedside Smart Table Lamp

With Built-in Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger for Bedroom, Office, Living Room, Stepless Dimming Desk Lamp with Sleep Mode

MODIRNATION Bonsai 'Tree of Light

This Modirnation smart desk lamp has 3 in 1 unique functionality for you; it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, a smart, stunning lamp, and a wireless charger for your convenience. It has the following more amazing features:

  • Its built-in Bluetooth speaker produces omnidirectional sound featuring mode from its dual waveguide technology.
  • It has touch functionality; you can switch on or off your lamp just with a slight touch. It has a sleep mode feature that activates after pressing and holding the touch area for 3 seconds, and lights will be turned off within 30 minutes. The lifespan of its LED light is +50,000 hours.
  • Qi WIRELESS CHARGING PAD – Wireless charging station on the base for easy charging. It has a wireless charging base that charges your devices easily; you just need to put your device on its base, and you are done. It works with Galaxy Note 20/20 Plus/S21/S21 Plus/S20/S10/Note10/S9 and iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS MAX/XS/XR/X/8/8 plus and all Qi/Wireless charging enabled devices.

3. Globe Electric 52887 Tacoma Desk lamp

1-Light, 18″ Brass

Globe Electric Tacoma Desk lamp

This modern Globe Tacoma smart desk lamp comes with a trendy code shade fancy matte brass make it a midcentury modern piece. It offers task light in a neat, smartphone tidy package. It has the following more features for your convenience:

  • It has an adjustable height; you can set the height as per your requirement. The fancy head of the lamp is attached to an adjustable matte brass balance arm that makes it convenient for you to adjust lighting according to your needs and desires.
  • It requires a 1x E26/Medium Base A-Type 50W Bulb that is sold separately.
  • You can add Globe electric smart bulb to make it work smarter. It allows you to create different lighting solutions with your smartphone; you can set a timer feature to turn it on at dusk, change color for each season, make it bright or dim, and have more fantastic features.

4. Smart WiFi Table Lamp

Linkind Touch Bedside Lamp Compatible with Alexa Google Home, Height Adjustable, Dimmable, smartphone, and Tunable White/RGB Color Changing LED Nightstand Lamp for Bedroom Living Room

Smart WiFi Table Lamp

This smart desk lamp has some amazing features and functionalities that can amaze you:

  • You can control your smart lamp from your smart phone whenever you want, as it is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa and give you voice command functionality; you just need to make your smart lamp connect with wifi by downloading the Linkind app, a plugin with the included adapter and then connect this Linkind smart table lamp to your wifi.
  • You can activate night mode, adjust brightness, change coloring mode from green, red, yellow, purple, cyan, blue by gently tapping on the center panel. You can smoothly slide your finger on the panel grove to set your desired brightness level, and you are done. You can turn it off by long-pressing the panel.
  • This smart lamp has 16 million colors available for you with a dimmable feature. You can adjust the brightness level from 1% to 100% and change the white light from warm to daylight. It also has a memory function that remembers your chosen setting and sets it whenever you want to.
  • It has customized scheduling functionality; you can set the timer on the Linking app to switch on or off your desk lamp, you can set timers for your routine activities, and preset modes can also be set such as sunset, sunrise, bonfire, or party mode for your various moods. You can more functions to be explored with its linking app.
  • It has adjustable height and a mushroom-shaped design that exhibits light downward, thus protecting your eyes from shining. It can be ideal for your nightlight, ambient light, and reading light can also be a décor piece in your living room, kids’ room, and bedroom. You can also gift it to your loved ones to make their day.

5. Newhouse Lighting NHDK-ZL-BK Zlata LED Desk Lamp

With USB Charger, Touch Dimming and Color Change for Office Use, Black

Newhouse Lighting LED Desk Lamp

This Zlata-led desk lamp has a USB port for device charging, a dimming functionality for regulating brightness, and adjustable color temperature control. It is a modern desk light device that can be taken anywhere, whether in an office or home, and can be used for different purposes, either for a nightstand or your reading partner. It has the following more functions:

  • It offers optimal illumination, as it has 21 LEDs, and it produces 400 lumens of bright natural light that is easy for the eyes.
  • It has an adjustable light feature; with its flexible body design, you can choose the bright LED light option as per your requirement. If you want to dim light, you can simply tap in its base; thus, you can adjust brightness or even temperature to your preferred desire. You can brighten your white light while using a computer or doing art projects and use soft lighting for nighttime.
  • With this smart desk lamp, you can easily save 90% in energy costs compared to incandescent lamps. Moreover, it is rated to be last for 40,000 hours.
  • It can be a direct update to any room without any high cost. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

6. Led desk lamp

With QI wireless smart charger. Home office bedside table night light lamp. Bluetooth-connected speaker. Three lighting color-changing modes and touch control. Nightlight lamps for bedrooms.

Led desk lamp with QI wireless smart charger

This other smart desk lamp has LED quick response touch control and three brightness levels for you with the following advanced features:

  • It has an LED Bluetooth speaker, produces flicker-free beam light with constant brightness that does not affect your eyes, and makes it easy for you to read, work or study for a longer time.
  • It has a flexible neck that moves from 1 to 360 degrees, thus make it easy to rotate to any angle or height to get maximum lighting as per your requirement. It is made uniquely and beautifully and can become a decoration piece in your room with its unique landscape.
  • With this smart lamp, you can easily charge your phone with wireless charging functionality; you just need to put your wireless charging pad of the desk lamp to charge your phone automatically. It let you keep your smartphone or another charging device near you while charging. Also, you can recharge your devices easily with its 5V/1A built-in USB with an extended cord.
  • It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker available that has a 10M transmission distance. You can connect your android or IOS and play music instantly thus; you can enjoy wireless freedom.
  • It is recommended for homes, college dorms, schools, offices, and hotels and is best for kids, women, and men. It has a circular and solid structure base that cannot fall or bend down. Also, it does not take much space in your room as it has a compact size.

Final Verdict

Smart desk lamps help you to do routine activities easily and comfortably. With its advanced functionality, you can do writing, reading, crafting, computing, and more with your desired lighting brightness and coloring. It provides clear, bright light that is easy to work beneath. It also offers smart accessibility through your smartphone and provides automated functionalities. Thus it makes your life happier and convenient.

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