Best Smart Heater for Home: Seven Top Picks and Reviews

With the advancement of technology, now you can control your space heater from your smartphone even if you are miles away. Smart heaters help you control your room temperature remotely at different times without switching one or off the boiler; these smart heaters are growing in popularity not just because of being controlled by a smartphone but also they are compatible with other smart homes devices. Here are few best smart heaters for your home.

Best smart heater for home


Smart Heater for Home is a Need, Indeed!

The number of people using a smart wifi space heater is rising. Not only can you control them from your phone or computer, but because they’re compatible with other smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home-you may be able to turn one off just by talking.

This means that if this thing ever goes up in flames – all we need are our voices.

1. Lasko CD08200 Small Portable Ceramic Space Smart Heater for Homes, Bathroom and Indoor Home Use

Lasko CD08200 Small Portable

This Lasko smart heater helps to heat the bathroom faster; no more need to get chilly during cold winter mornings as this smart heater steam and heat the washroom so you can towel off in spa-like comfort after you get off the shower. It has the following more amazing features:

  • This small-sized heater is designed beautifully and at less than 8 inches tall with a tiny 6.25-inch x 6.25-inch footprint. Moreover, it is powered by an energy-efficient 1500-watt ceramic heating element with three heat settings; thus, this small heater gives a large amount of heat.
  • You can take this heater out and plugin it directly into a wall outlet, no need to assemble anything. You just need to press it to give heat in your room; pressing one time can give you heat for one hour, then pressing again can give you high heat, and pressing for the third time can lower heat and fourth time to make it off.
  • This smart heater comes with an integrated ALCI safety plug that helps to shut off the power to the unit in the second in the event of a short, so it is approved for bathroom usage. Also, you can use it for longer periods without any worry as it is ETL listed and has automatic overheat protection, a self-regulator ceramic heating system, and an outer cover that remains cool to the touch.
  • You can use this heater anywhere in your house or apartment to save you from cold chilly days, thus eliminating the use of a smart thermostat for your home can make your environment chilled. You can choose the Lasko brand, and it is making quality products for 100 years and is trusted for generations.

2. Honeywell HZ-7300 Deluxe Energy Smart Heater with Cool Touch, BlackHoneywell HZ-7300 Deluxe Energy Smart Cool Touch Heater

Do you have large spaces that need to be heated during a cold? If yes, you can have this energy smart, cool touch heater with a programmable thermostat and two distinct heat settings.

  • This Honeywell HZ-7300 Deluxe Energy Smart Cool Touch is energy efficient as it uses smart technology during power consumption; it has an indicator that shows the energy usage and overheats protection and Tip-over switch. Moreover, it has the following features:
  • You can easily control this heater, and also it has a digital display that makes it easy to read. It has energy-efficient heating and focuses on safety itself.
  • You can have fan-forced heat circulation with this heater for personal indoor warmth.
  • It is made with a wide base for its stability and also for cool-touch safety housing.
  • It can help you improve heating and energy savings in your bedroom, bathroom, baby rooms, office, or school.
  • It uses smart technology with indicators that display energy usage and is best for large rooms to oscillate heating.

3. GLOGLOW USB Baby Bottle Warmer, Smart USB Charging Thermostat Milk HeaterGLOGLOW USB Baby Bottle Warmer

This GloGlow USB Baby Bottle Warmer is made up of PU material that is particularly developed for advanced bottles. It has the following more cool features:

  • You can plugin for 24 hours for reservation of heat; it has four layers of temperature lock, you can control water temperature and the display temperature according to your convenience.
  • You can heat up different materials like water cups, milk boxes, mineral water bottles. I also help you to support your power bank, car charging, and USB. Also, it does not hurt your skin as it wraps the bottle steadily and tightly.
  • Its moveable rope design helps you carry it easily; you can also hang it wherever you want and put it as a belt to hang around your waist. Moreover, you can also keep the charging wire safely and neatly.
  • This heating device can be expanded and folded to save space. It can be your perfect outdoor device while traveling.

4. Diskary Coffee Mug Warmer

Tea Cup Heater for Home Office Desk Use to Warm Coffee Tea Milk, Candle Wax Cup Warmer Heating Plate with Auto Shut Off and Display Screen

Diskary Coffee Mug Warmer

  • This Diskary Coffee Mug Warmer round smart heater can produce up to 18-watt heating and let you warm up your coffee, milt, tea, candle wax, or any of your beverages just with a soft touch of a button.
  • You can warm up your coffee up to 104℉-122℉-140℉ (40℃-50℃-60℃).
  • It gets turned off automatically after 8 hours after working continuously, no more tension of forgetting to turn it off. You can also set time in between 1 to 12 hours to make it off. Also, it creates no noise disturbance when it is working.
  • It has this large round screen display that shows the temperature and time setting clearly. The heating place is covered with thermal conductive glass, so no need to worry about unintentional spilling of water, and it is easy to clean as well.
  • Its heating place is best for Metal, Ceramic, Paper box, feeding bottle, High-Temperature Plastic to be placed on it. And for better warming results, you can use a thin-walled mug; it has a flat bottom.
  • Its compact design makes it look beautiful and helps to keep your beverages warmer. Thus make it a perfect present for your loved ones on their special occasions.

5. HealSmart 32-inch Space Heater

Bladeless Tower Fan, Heater & Fan Combo, 9H Timer 10 Speeds with Remote Control, Air Circulator Fan for Home Air Conditioner

HealSmart 32-inch Space Heater Bladeless Tower Fan

This Healsmart product has four seasons available; it has three-speed warm wind modes and ten natural speed wind modes; it ensures you enjoy warmth in the winter season and coolness during the summer season. It has more following features:

  • Its ultra-quiet technology can help you have a peaceful environment without making any noise and is best for bedrooms, living room, kids room, offices, basement, and study room.
  • Its 9-hour timer function and silent operating feature make it ideal for sleeping in any season.
  • It features 32-inch tall and 120° widespread oscillations that allow the wider area to be heated or cooled and spread in every corner.
  • It has a remote and touches control feature that allows you to control all unit functions, heating, cooling, timer, and oscillation. Moreover, you can also use its LED display and touch control as per your suitability.

6. Moen TS3302TB U by Moen Shower

Smart Home Connected Digital Bathroom Controller, 2-Outlet, Wall Mounted, Terra Beige

Moen TS3302TB U by Moen Shower Smart Home

  • You can now control your shower in three ways, all with the help of this smart heater. This Wi-Fi-connected app-driven shower lets you control your shower with your voice, phone, or even manually.
  • This smart heater by Moen has a customization facility as the electronic controls help change the water’s temperature with point-wise accuracy.
  • You can control your shower remotely with your voice command using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, U by Moen smartphone apps, Homekit, Apple.
  • Note: U by Moen shower apps are only accessible in Canada and the US.
  • It has soft-touch buttons to operate two outlets, temperature, power, and preset selection on the controller, and its 5″ non-touch LCD screen makes it easy to readable.
  • You can save water through this smart heater as it notifies you when the shower temperature is ready, and it gets automatically stop the flow of water till you get in the shower.
  • This product requires Moen valve S3102 for its complete installation, valve, showerheads, and an optional battery as a backup that is sold separately.
  • The best part of this smart heater is that it has a Lifetime Warranty.

7. Heat Storm HS-1000-WX-WIFI WiFi Infrared Wall Heater

Heat Storm HS-1000-WX-WIFI

This smart wall heater lets you adjust the temperature as you want, enables child lock, and helps set schedules from your smartphone. It has the following more interesting features:

  • The heat generated by this wall heater helps to warm up the surrounding objects and not just the air that makes the room warmer for a longer time, even if it turns off.
  • It has a safe touch grill that cannot burn your skin on heating mode, and it automatically shut off the power if it tips over.
  • It is designed beautifully and a perfect modern heater for your bedrooms, bathroom kitchens, offices, etc.
  • It can be installed easily and set up in 5 minutes or less.
  • With this smart wall heater, you can heat up to 500 square feet as a supplement heat source and 200 square feet as a primary heat source as it has 1000 WATTS of power and 3400 BTUs.

Final Verdict

The smart heating system is way better than conventional heaters as smart heaters work most of the time automatically, so you don’t need to remember to turn them off or on them when you need them. It constantly monitors your room temperature and lets you control it directly from your smartphone and also smart pocket-size heaters let you heat your tea, coffee whenever you want.

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