Five Useful And Affordable Smart Home Devices for Seniors

Our “home sweet home” can become a dangerous place when senior citizens live alone or have health problems. Stepping out a single step alone at this age can be a great deal for them, so smart home devices can help them to carry out daily routine activities safely and happily. When aging hits, many people need a support system outfitted to accommodate the common frailties of age, decreased movements, reduced vision, higher chances of falling, and more. Thus, they need to be provided with smart home devices that can help them to live more conveniently, so by equipping the homes with the below-mentioned smart device,s we can help our loved ones have a better life in their senior phase.

Smart Home Devices for Seniors


Why Smart Home Devices for Seniors are Helpful

There are some reasons why smart home devices are found to be helpful for seniors. These are explained below. 

  • The recent explosion of smart home devices makes it easier for those with physical frailties such as arthritis or poor hearing to live their lives more fully.
  • With smart home devices, seniors can enjoy a more carefree and independent lifestyle. These gadgets help with safety and security as they monitor your loved one in their own special way!
  • With the rise of smart devices and internet connectivity, we have come closer to overcoming social isolation or loneliness than ever before!
  • A smart home is one that not only makes life easier for people with cognitive impairments but also allows them to do everyday tasks like laundry, grocery shopping, and more.
  • The home is now smarter and more interactive. This means that family members can use their own devices to do things like unlock doors or check in on a sick loved one remotely, all from the comfort of wherever they happen to be at any given time.

1. Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Fitness Smartwatch

Are you one of those who like to exercise, but aging has made you stop it due to an increase in heart rate any time, or do you feel the need to take care of yourself all the time without involving any caretaker to do it?  You just need to have this smartwatch with you that can help you to better track your heart rate, allows you to check your blood oxygen level, and other multiple features to ease your senior lifestyle. This technology-based device has all reasons for you instantly have it; check out why here below:

  • You can easily check out your workout intensity map in the Fitbit app after running, hiking and biking and note your real-time pace with built-in GPS.
  • It allows you to track your heart rate 24/7 with Pure pulse 2.0 technology, and its operating temperature runs between -4° to 140° F.
  • Another amazing feature of Active zone minutes records your resting heart rate and continuously observes your heart rate during exercise, and gives you a buzz when you step out of the intensity so you can relax a bit and continue.
  • This smartwatch also has SpO2 faces features that allow you to check your nightly blood oxygen levels, and then the Fitbit app can help you indicate the important changes in your wellness through the health metrics dashboard.
  • Moreover, it can help you tet bedtime alarms and reminders, get the quick news and even help control the home devices by speaking to the watch, just with the help of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Built-in.
  • It also has music features; now you can store and play music and podcasts from your wrist.

2. Future Call FC-0613 Picture Care Desktop Phone Memory Dialer

Desktop Phone Memory Dialer

Future Call FC-0613 comes with an exclusive new feature, having pictures of your loved ones on a dial pad, and the phone number is stored on its backside with an on and off switch. This phone has some incredible features to blow up your mind; here are they:

  • It consists of 2 modes of dialing, standard dialing and memory dialing. You can use one mode at a time and switch modes from the back of your phone; standard dialing helps you make a normal phone call while memory dialing options allow you to call with the functionality of storing memories, remember to turn on the memory dialing from its back.
  • Pictures of size 1 x 1 can be put on all buttons to programmable memory dialing, and you cannot lose it if it’s accidentally unplugged. The two features of 1 touch and two touch dialing can be used interchangeably while enabling and disabling the new feature button.
  • Big Dial Key Pad features come with a photo frame for your convenience with ten two-touch keys and ten one-touch keys.
  • The phone comes with bright LED lights that indicate incoming calls making it look like a bright object. Furthermore, it has Redial and Pauses Keys, Flash Key for Call Waiting, handset volume control option, and volume gain with a capacity of 40Db, receiving tone is +/-10Db and +/-3Db is its speech volume and is hearing aid compatible, thus making it a perfect phone device for seniors.
  • This phone was specially designed basically for elders with disabilities and special patients. It does not have caller id and voicemail options; it is not made to be hung on walls but is for the only desktop. It works effectively when connected to a tv cable or internet cable, just like regular phones are connected to them.

3. Universal Big Button TV Remote

Big Button TV Remote

Universal big button EasyMote is a remote control for your TV and Cable Box. It works with all main IR (infrared) Tvs and setup boxes; you better make sure to activate IR in Xfinity and Dish. This Easymote has even more features for your convenience, so let’s dig into it:

  • It comes with six large bright buttons of on/off, mute, vol (+), vol (-), CH (+), CH (-) to be easily seen and used by senior citizens; these big bright buttons can easily be used even in the dark, now you don’t need to carry those complicated remotes that take ages to access their functionality.
  • Do you also usually feel that your remote disappears even if you place it right beside you? And panic you to search for it when your favorite Tv show starts; it happens with all of us. You don’t need to panic anymore. Easy mode has a wrist strap attached to it made from comfy wear material and allows you to carry it on hand to prevent its displacement.
  • It has this feature of Quick search that helps to scan for your Tvs code; it’s simple and takes few seconds. Also, it has a learning mode that makes each button a custom command. It also has learning capabilities to teach your custom commands from your original TV or even from a cable box remote.
  • Moreover, it can be a perfect gift for your seniors as through this easymote; they can easily navigate their experience with Television.
  • The best part of buying this Easymote is that it comes with a 90days warranty, you can test your easymote with your television and cable box, and you can keep it if you love else to get your money back.

4. SmartGo 911

smart go

Smartgo 911 is a device to connect to 911 operator with a single touch, you just need to click and hold the red button in an emergency, and you will be connected to the 911 operator and talk to them. It possesses some great features:

  • There is no monthly fee for it and no other charges.
  • It works nationwide with an available cell signal, no matter where you are.
  • This device has 3 AAA Batteries that can run for a whole year.
  • A great device for seniors as they can have emergency any time

5. Smart Video Calling 10″ Touch Screen DisplaySmart Video Calling 10

  • This is a great way to connect with friends and family with WhatsApp, Messenger, or Zoom account through this Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display.
  • Its smart camera pans and zooms to keep every person in the frame, and smart sound features enhance your voice.
  • It also has this feature of group calls of 50 people with messenger rooms.

Seniors have to spend most of their time with themselves in their rooms, so this Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display can help them see and talk with their loved ones on a big screen, thus making them feel connected. Also, you can explore the top Best Smart Displays for Seniors.

Final Verdict:

These are few smart home devices for seniors to make their life easy and comfortable. When people are in their senior phase, many have to live alone or with their spouses because all other family members are busy with their own lives or surrounded by work, thus cannot give every minute to be with them. Still, at least they can provide them these smart devices to ease their lives.

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